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Afters is a gorgeous dessert parlor in Al-seef serving fancy and sinfully indulgent desserts that are made from scratch. Their ice creams and gelato are anything but ordinary. The fact that you can enjoy such amazing desserts sitting by serene views is what remains the highlight of your day.

Their interiors are chic and lots of dessert quotes are framed to the wall with major puns intended. Their staff members are always smiling and hard working.


Now, it will be a challenge for you to decide what to order because every flavor of icecream tastes beautiful and pure. I assure you, no matter what you decide to order; you will be happy with its quality. For me, my heart was set on the King ferrero Sundae. It was a blend of fererro rocher, chocolate ice cream and hazelnut served with chocolate and caramel sauce, garnished with fererro rocher chunks, nuts, whipped creame and Florentine wafers.

King fererro Sundae

Its portion size was enough to be shared among three people.

Then I had the most prettiest waffle with generous topping of exotic fruits and a scoop of ice cream and sauce of my choice (I chose lotus ice cream and hazelnut sauce).


The fruits were not canned, they were fresh and in abundance. So glad to have been here, the desserts are surely going to spoil you. Thank you for serving us the best team Afters, I look forward to visiting you again soon.

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Exploring Grano coffee house vibes


Grano coffee is right outside rigga metro station and they have raised the dessert game to another level by serving warm crepes, waffles and pancakes along with some freshly brewed coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso and americano.


You’ll notice people working on their laptops while sipping on their shakes and fresh coffee. The coffee house has some cozy vibes with comfortable couch to spend some quality time at.


I tried their nutella crepe which was beautifully wrapped in luscious nutella and the crepe itself was velvety soft. There were crushed lotus biscuits inside the crepe that elevated my happiness. Then I got my hands on the chocolate mini pancakes that were utterly delicious and I would recommend these to people who don’t want to have too much chocolate.


Next, came the chocolate mini waffles that were little blocks of heaven. They were rich and creamy and the moment you bite into one, the chocolate burst is unbelievable.


Sushi crepe was awesome! there were fresh strawberries lined across the crepe and the entire dessert turned out fantastic.

Their pistachio shake was the real deal! I would definitely recommend you order that.


Thank you for having us grano coffee. Loved the cozy vibes. A definite recommendation!

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Luxuriously Satisfying desserts at The Living Room

If you have a bossy sweet tooth that is not impressed easily then you have to check out ‘the living room” in Mercato Mall. They have a fancy pink vibe that’s quite evident the moment you step in. It’s not a big place but they have decorated it beautifully with sweet messages like the ones you can see in pictures below:

I was really impressed by the decor and great music playing throughout the time I dined in here.

Extremely challenging to pick a few treats out of a wide variety of drool worthy pretty desserts and drinks. I finally decided to go with unicorn roulade and pink karak milkcake (their best seller) along with a Rose pink latte.

The unicorn roulade was a dream come true for the kid in me because that slice of cake was super cute and layered with creme cheese with such perfection that it was balanced out when you look at it. Each layer was intact and colorful sprinkled with mini hearts on top to make your heart skip a beat.

Unicorn Roulade

Then I had the best milk cake of my life which was quaint and absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom. As, nowadays its all about theater food- the cake is topped with a giant fluffy pink cotton candy that melts away when you pour the rose milk concoction all over.

pink cake1
Pink karak rose milk cake

All these sweet treats paired fabulously with my Rose latte that was strong and not loaded with sugar. It had subtle hints of rose and needless to say that it looked amazing! Don’t believe me? Just watch!

Pink rose latte

Thank you so much for hosting me “The Living Room” I thoroughly enjoyed the treats and look forward to visiting you again.

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Let your heart skip a beat at The Blacktap

This place needs no introduction, its widely famous and most people have it on their buck-eat lists already. I, on the other hand had been longing to visit but I guess I waited for an occasion and so I decided to have my birthday dinner here. Needless to say that I was impressed by the service, interiors, food and the gigantic birthday shake. Let me start off by telling you that if you are visiting with babies or children then you should dine in their outside seating area because its actually a pub and when I was there, 20 people were celebrating birthday and there was tobacco smoke everywhere so I didn’t feel comfortable sitting inside with my toddler.

The restaurant has a dark rustic ambiance as you will see in pictures below:



I admit that I was primarily there for the oh-so-famous shakes but hey! It was my birthday so I ordered in their burgers as well. I was warned before hand that their portion sizes are just too  large so I won’t be able to finish both items. Little does everyone know that my appetite is a monster itself.
Their burgers were absolutely smashing! I took the first bite out of my mexican chicken burger and it was like the entire world paused and I was no longer a part of this world. The burger was generously stacked with cheese, onion and tomatoes. Ok! enough of the description, just see the picture below:

Mexican Chicken Burger

The chicken patty itself was so flavorsome and juicy that it added to the taste of the entire burger. I chose sweet potato fries for the sides (not because they are healthy). Infact, while we are discussing this right now. Let me clear this confusion, sweet potato fries are actually higher in calories as compared to normal potato fries. People consider it to be healthy because it keeps you fuller for longer.

Blacktap special

This was their special burger that needs a long time to be described because its just worth it. Oh my God! it was the mother of all burgers, the wagyu beef patty was out of this world. Garnished with arugula leaves shuffled in vinaigrette played an integral part in the glory of this beauty.

Prime Burger

Birthday Shake

They have a wide variety of freak shakes and i think they are nailing all of those but I wanted to order the Cake shake to respect the occasion. The shake was topped with an enormous slice of birthday cake with million confetti and whipped cream with cherry on top. It was so beautiful and the shake had icecream in it blended with the vanilla frosting to just sweep my feet off the floor.

The Cake shake




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