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I am so impressed with the food here that I am trying to find a perfect blend of words to compile this blog post. Barbecue Delights is a buffet based on staple Pakistani dishes along with some Indian meals too. Their ambiance is soulful and filled with different colors and wall art that basically represents Pakistani truck art. Their service is extremely amazing and this is one buffet where you don’t care “how many” dishes are there, simply because each and every dish is genuinely packed with bags of flavor and stands out. Also, the food is super quality wise, its always steaming hot no matter which dish you look into.

Starters: (Chaat)

Speaking of Pakistani buffets, one may never start their meal skipping the chaat and I am basically referring to myself here because chaat works like an insight into how good the others meals would be.
So, I got the basic pani puri which was served with sweet and sour chatni. The sweet chutney was intense and lusciously thick while the sour one was diluted to perfection and their blend in the pani puri tasted absolutely amazing.

Paani puri

Salad selection:

There were numerous salads along with the famous Baingan ki burhani that’s actually spiced yoghurt where egg plants are cooked in tamarind chutney floating on top. This area included fresh hummus, beetroot salad with sesame seeds, coleslaw with sweet corn, Tabbouleh and freshly sliced cucumbers/lemon wedges.



I will start with the bbq items and then gradually walk you through the rest of main courses available. The bbq items that caught my attention first were the fried fish and fried prawns that looked so beautiful because of their color, they had a lovely golden coating and you won’t believe me when I tell you that they tasted even better than they looked.
The fish was marinated in just the right amount of spices, it was not tossed in extreme flavors which helps give you the usual flavor of fish along with the subtle spices. The prawns were super too.

Then I lifted the mutton and chicken reshmi kebab dish and the smoke that came out of there was aromatic and tempting. I had unlimited kebabs, so much that I didn’t even kept a count. They were tender, juicy and full of flavors.

Mutton seekh kebab

Then I jumped on the opportunity to gobble up some delicious beef haleem and mutton karhayi. Haleem was so amazing, usually in most buffets they over spice the haleem and it looses its original taste but here it was just perfect. Mutton Karhayi was state of the art. The blend of spices in it were spot on!

Haleem and mutton Karhayi

Coming from Karachi,Pakistan; one has awfully high standards of chicken biryani. It just breaks my heart when I order biryani and see coriander leaves or curry leaves on top of it. If you wanna know what a Pakistani biryani looks like, look no further but below.

The kabuli pulao was comforting and light. Perfectly seasoned.

Beef nihari and Butter chicken

A Pakistani buffet without nihari simply does not exist. We eat nihari for breakfast, lunch and dinner all year long. Their nihari was so amusing for the tastebuds and the meat was so tender that one can not resist.

Lahori soda

Obviously, you are going to need a tangy drink to settle all these spicy delicacies. I chose the lahori soda and I’m so glad I opted for this one (as recommended by our serving guy) it was exactly like a spicy candy I grew up having called “Churan Chatni”. Despite of its strong flavor, it also aids in digestion.


With respect to the occasion of Diwali, there were fresh mithai with my favorite moti chur laddoo and besan k laddoo.


Also, there were hot jalebi and gulab jamun (please excuse me while I drool a little)


If you’re thinking this is it, then nope! there are more desserts like shahi tukray, fruit custard, egg pudding, badami kheer (this one was my favorite) and jelly for kids.


We ended our meal with a cup of karak chai that blew us away with how lovely it tasted. Thank you so much for having us over Team Barbecue Delights, we loved every bit of our dining experience here and we promise to keep coming back for all of these extraordinary dishes.


To all my readers,
Barbecue Delights cater large events and parties, it is highly recommended to you from me.

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Unlimited BBQ Buffet only for 55 Aed at The Grand Barbecue


Grand Barbecue is in Jumeirah where all the famous Pakistani/Indian buffet restaurants are located. It has a lot of space inside to fit a large group of people especially for parties or celebrations. Their staff is well trained and quite friendly, they are on their toes to serve you with a warm smile on their faces.

Chaat Station:

Started off with the chaat station that had so many chaat varieties lined up. I chose to have pani puri and mixed dahi puri chaat. Absolutely loved the chaat, it was loaded with sweet yoghurt and sev puri. I adore the fact that they were so generous with the chutneys.

paani puri
pouring sweet chutney
Chaat station

Salad Corner:

I can totally survive on salads if they are as extravagant as they were here in this restaurant. A wide variety of vegetables in different dressings were available to enjoy!

Salad Station


License to Grill:

The best part of this buffet was that you don’t necessarily have to roam around and wait in long queues for the barbecue options because these guys place the grill on your table and refill it according to your liking.
The other great side is that they have so many options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians that includes paneer tikka, broccoli-zucchini-cauliflower grill, shrimps, fish, chicken and mushrooms.



The main courses were simply amazing because all the staple Pakistani/Indian dishes were available. From dum chicken biryani to palak paneer, they’ve got it all!

Six types of different chutneys were served on the table that go along with any of these dishes perfectly well. There was also a separate pasta station but my desi soul didn’t turn that way. There were all kinds and shapes of pasta that were made to order according to your liking.

Pasta station


After I successfully stuffed myself with every grain of delicious food available here, I headed straight towards the desserts section where I finally lost my heart because there was everything I dreamed of having. My favorite was Mishti Doi that’s actually a famous Bengali dessert and is a thick creamy textured sweet dish with subtle hints of sweet and sour.

 Kid’s favorites:

There were popcorns, french fries, papadum, chocolate fountain, icecream rolls and so much more for kids to enjoy as well.


Thank you for your wonderful service Team Grand Barbecue. I am definitely coming back with my entire family to enjoy all of this food.

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