Authentic hyderabadi food in Dubai at Deccan garden

Deccan garden restaurant is a lovely eatery in Naif Dubai that serves mouth watering hyderabadi cuisine. Being a hyderabadi myself, I adore each and every dish served here including the aromatic saffron in biryani, minty hues of green chutney and the sinfully indulging dabal ka meetha. I will explain each dish in detail below and then you can not hold me accountable for the major food coma.


Firstly, I would like to mention this that usually restaurants that serve this kind of food, don’t really pay much attention to cleanliness and ambiance. But this was not the case with this place, they have neatly decorated two areas under one roof. One is a cafe and the other is a full fledged restaurant. The cafe area has casual seating area with comfy concave chairs while the restaurant has formal table and chairs.

beef haleem

We started off with beef haleem that was presented in a beautiful arrangement of curry leaves and cashew nuts on top and tasted pretty good. My only concern was low spices, it would have been outstanding with extra spiciness.

chicken malai boti

Then we had the chicken malai bot that was succulent and delicious but the orange chutney that accompanied the chicken was sweet and didn’t pair well with the boti. If you dipped this malai boti into another green chili chutney that they served with other dish, you will love it!

chicken dum biryani

Their chicken dum biryani was amazing, the rice were fluffy and each grain stood separate. Chicken was cooked to perfection and marinated beautifully. The portion size was satisfactory for one person.

chicken tikka

I then tried their chicken tikka that looked gorgeous and intensely orange (super appealing), it tasted average. Needed more red chilli and crushed peppers.

pomegranate juice

I enjoyed these delicious hyderabadi dishes with fresh pomegranate juice that was pretty awesome.

For desserts, we had khubani ka meetha that’s actually apricots cooked with custard and lots of sugar. They nailed it. this was amazing. The other dessert that made its way to my heart was Dabal ka meetha, its actually fried slice of bread dipped in sugar syrup. It was absolutely smashing!

Thank you for your hospitality Deccan garden Restaurant. I recommend this place to people craving for hyderabadi cuisine.

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Exhilarating meals at Baydar


Baydar is Lebanese food paradise with exhilarating bites as you dig into your meal. The interiors are simple and neat. Their service is commendable and the staff is well trained because they give amazing suggestions when you ask anything about the menu.
So, we started off with freshly squeezed orange juice and lemonade. I loved both the juices as they were fresh and not diluted with sugar or other ingredients.

orange juice and lemonade

We were served oven fresh bread with hand picked olives and pickled vegetables to munch on. The bread was velvety soft and when we teared it apart, we could see the smoke coming out. It paired so well with the Labneh served.



For starters, we ordered Fattoush and Hummus which were individually incredible. I have had fattoush at numerous places in Dubai before but this was exceptionally good. The balsamic vinaigrette was diluted with subtle hints of sugar or jaggery that aided in the resulting flavor.

Fattoush salad

Hummus was pretty decent too and tasted really fresh.


We ordered chicken shawarma samosa for appetizer because let’s just be honest about my feelings for samosa. Its the only snack that stays close to my heart and because shawarma samosa would have been something new so I decided to order it. It was absolutely delicious as it lived up to the name, tasted like a shawarma but felt like a samosa.

Chicken shawarma samosa


We went all out’for the main course and ordered the chicken tikka tandoori style which was boneless and came with hand cut french fries and a fiery green chutney composed of mint, green chillies, coriander and parsley.

chicken tikka tandoori style

In awe of this dish as it was full of flavors and spices and finally grilled to perfection. The exciting moment was when we dipped the chicken fully in chutney and then took a bite of it. *pure love* I tell you!


I’m sure you are familiar with the famous middle eastern dessert called “Kunafe” that comes with either creame or cheese and lots of sugar syrup to pour on top. The Kunafe we had here was really different than the usual ones because it didn’t had a crispy top so usually a kunafe has crispy vermicelli on top that gives it crunchiness and I missed that element here. The cheese filling was pretty generous though!

Cheese Kunafe

Next, we had the rice pudding which was an instant hit for my toddler as he didn’t leave the bowl at all. The pudding was served cold (just the way we like it) and it was garnished with toasted almond shavings. It was so comforting.

Rice pudding

Thank you for the amazing service and wonderful hospitality Team Baydar. I look forward to visiting you again soon.

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