Food with a story to tell- Once Upon a Bite

Karama (Dubai) has some serious food game going on that attracts a fair chunk of foodies (like me) every now and then. Once upon a bite is a dining experience down the memory lane that reminds one of home cooked meals and the flavors, just like a mother makes for her children. The restaurant genuinely believes in people sharing conversations over the comfort food they serve.

The restaurant has a friendly feel with peaceful music playing delivers a relatively soothing ambiance. There are so many colorful quotes and animated graphics covering the walls that it fairly qualifies as an instagram-able restaurant.



I was welcomed with a gorgeous “masala coke” that’s actually diluted coca cola with masala mixed well and garnished with mint on top. This was my first time trying a masala cola ever and I was just blown away by how refreshing this drink was.

Masala cola

Chatter on a platter-

I was then served a nice big bowl of chicken sausage maggi that tasted like childhood on a plate. Growing up in Pakistan/India, one has several memories attached with instant noodles and the restaurant is just delivering that to us all. That too on such affordable rates.

Chicken sausage Maggi

Later, I had this amazing aalu paratha on my table with a creamy yoghurt dip that was the right balance of sweet and sour. The paratha was made of whole wheat and was not flaky at all, the potato filling inside was pretty generous and uniform throughout.

Aaalu Paratha
Yogurt dip

Also had the privilege to try their famous “shaadi wali coffee” that becomes clearer once you sip the coffee. It comes in a cute orange designed cup that has a nice story on its back. The coffee is garnished with chocolate powder and tastes just like the ones we used to enjoy on a wedding ceremony back in our hometowns.


Thanks a bunch for hosting me Once Upon a Bite. Chef Ajay really outdid himself by serving me some really nice dishes. I’m glad I dined in here and I would recommend it to all of my friends and readers.

Chef Ajay


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Keep calm and unwind at The Hungry Monkey

When I planned to visit Hungry Monkey, I was not sure how my experience would be because their menu generally revolves around signature alcoholic drinks and the place is basically a pub. Now, I am strongly adhered to the idea of avoiding intoxicants of any sort including alcohol. Thanks to Team Hungry monkey and their generous staff for hosting an awesome spread for me that includes non-alcoholic mocktails and a wide variety of snacks, appetizers and a lip smacking maincourse.

The hungry monkey has this cozy, dark ambiance with the DJ playing some awesome music and Val (Bartender) makes sure your drinks are catered to perfection.

They served me a trio platter with some peanuts, cucumber & carrot dipped in lemon juice and crisps to munch on while I wait for other dishes to arrive.



In no time, our table was full of delicious treats like mozzarella sticks, fried fish, french fries with thai sweet chilli sauce, mustard and marinara sauce.

Fried Fish

I loved the fish so much that I was constantly gobbling it up. It was crisp, fresh and hot.

Mozarella sticks

The mozzarella sticks were so heavenly, super gooey on the inside with endless cheese pull that added to the drool factor.

Exotic coconut

Absolutely smitten by this refreshing drink. It was composed of watermelon syrup, passion fruit, strawberry, coconut, pineapple juice, apple juice, lychee juice and creme. It was definition of a perfect tropical drink that helps you refresh as you gulp down every single sip.

Don’t chicken out!

Grilled chicken with a side of mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables, grilled tomato and creamy mushroom sauce

I mean who expects such a pretty looking full fledged meal in a pub? Not me.  I was completely surprised by this dish, when I poured the creamy mushroom sauce on top of this chicken. It all made sense.

Sip away!

Three wise monkeys

This is my recommendation to you; that you definitely give this mocktail a go because it’s worth it. It comes in this beautiful bowl and is made up of 3 kinds of berries, 2 slices of lemon, sugar and soda.

Monkey punch

The monkey punch is not your usual mocktail as its made up of cucumber, raspberry, lychee and basil syrup and lychee and apple juice. It imparts subtle hints of freshness as you sip away.


Thank you for having me The Hungry Monkey. Your service was amazing and you made me feel absolutely comfortable.
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