Luxuriously Satisfying desserts at The Living Room

If you have a bossy sweet tooth that is not impressed easily then you have to check out ‘the living room” in Mercato Mall. They have a fancy pink vibe that’s quite evident the moment you step in. It’s not a big place but they have decorated it beautifully with sweet messages like the ones you can see in pictures below:

I was really impressed by the decor and great music playing throughout the time I dined in here.

Extremely challenging to pick a few treats out of a wide variety of drool worthy pretty desserts and drinks. I finally decided to go with unicorn roulade and pink karak milkcake (their best seller) along with a Rose pink latte.

The unicorn roulade was a dream come true for the kid in me because that slice of cake was super cute and layered with creme cheese with such perfection that it was balanced out when you look at it. Each layer was intact and colorful sprinkled with mini hearts on top to make your heart skip a beat.

Unicorn Roulade

Then I had the best milk cake of my life which was quaint and absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom. As, nowadays its all about theater food- the cake is topped with a giant fluffy pink cotton candy that melts away when you pour the rose milk concoction all over.

pink cake1
Pink karak rose milk cake

All these sweet treats paired fabulously with my Rose latte that was strong and not loaded with sugar. It had subtle hints of rose and needless to say that it looked amazing! Don’t believe me? Just watch!

Pink rose latte

Thank you so much for hosting me “The Living Room” I thoroughly enjoyed the treats and look forward to visiting you again.

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Go Green with Spoon & Glaze

Located in the world’s largest mall, The Dubai Mall. Spoon & Glaze has aesthetically pleasing interiors and some mouth watering desserts that look like real floral plants. This is because they swear by environment friendly policy which includes wooden cutlery, clay pots for desserts and mud mugs for all kinds of drinks. Even for take away, they wrap your dessert nicely in a paper bag that says “Together we grow”. I took a dozen pictures of the floral interiors that I’m gong to show you below:


Finger licking good!

We started off with earth cake that had a purple flower on top and lots of oreo creme inside. It actually felt like you are digging your spoon into a plant. It tasted really nice.

Earth Cake

Then came the Sand cake that was pistachio flavored. I liked it best because the pistachio creme was not overly sweet and had the perfect texture.

Sand cake (Pistachio)

Third item on the menu was Mud cake that was presented with attention to detail as the filo nest sat perfectly in the middle of nutella. But it was too sweet for my liking.

Mud cake (nutella)



I got their berry tea that was really refreshing and paired well with all the sweet desserts. But most importantly, can I get a hallelujah for the classy mug they served this tea in?



They also served us some hot Basbousa that tasted really good, only if  you like Basbousa in general.


Showstopper Kunafe

Their Kunafe was literally drool worthy, it was the best I have had. The gooey rich pastry was filled with sweet cheese filling topped with generous drizzle of sugar syrup. Although, I would have loved to try orange blossom drizzle over it but nevertheless, it tasted amazing.

Cheese Kunafe

Thank you for having me Spoon & Glaze. And special thanks to Rex who walked me through each dessert. Your service was excellent and I look forward to visiting you again.



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It’s raining chocolate at The Choco Monarch


If you are a Choco-holic like me, you are going to fall in love with this place and the amazing treats they serve. Before visiting Choco Monarch, I saw a few pictures online and wondered if everything would be too overly sweet and loaded with sugar but now that I have been here and had most of the items on their menu. I want to tell you: No! the desserts aren’t loaded with sugar, they are subtle and comforting with combinations of hot crepe/waffle/pancake with chilled scoops of Ice cream and yes the much raved about chocolate drizzle.

We started off with some awesome shakes and a nice cup of signature hot chocolate that looked so beautiful. Scroll down to witness this beauty.

Chocolate milk shake


Hot Chocolate

Sweet tooth in trouble:

Their staff is pro when it comes to chocolate rain, see the pancake below that is plain in the first picture and then covered with milk and white chocolate in front of us; effortlessly.


Loved the combination of flavors here especially fresh citrus-y fruits on the side. Also, the portion size was pretty generous for almost all items.

Brownie Bowl
Pain Perdu (French Toast)


Molten Lava cake

Alright! so the winner for me was….. *drum roll* Pain Perdu- the french toast. I couldn’t have enough of it. It was so moist and subtle in terms of flavor, texture and the balance of sweetness was perfect.
Having said that, I wish there were options including dark chocolate on the menu. I think there are millions of dark chocolate fans out there too so it would be nice to see the menu expand.

Thank you so much for having me ChocoMonarch. I think its wonderful to finally find a place that treats you in such warm and friendly way and their desserts don’t cost you a fortune. It is one dessert experience that I will remember always 🙂


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