Hidden gem in Discovery Gardens – Lee’s Wok

Lee’s wok and Gabbar Grills are like two peas in a pod inspired from the idea that some amazing food from two different backgrounds will be served under one roof. However, if you go to zomato then there you will see these two as separate entities.
The interiors are funky and instagrammable.



Let food do the talking!

Before I begin introducing you to the dishes we had here, I want you to know that I have never had Wasabi before and this was my first time. (phew!)

Ok, so we were served Fried prawns slathered in Wasabi mayonnaise that gives it a mild green color, as soon as I bit into the prawn there was this intense sensation… not on my palette but in my nose. It was so exciting that I tried it again and again and so on. Loved these tiny bombs of deliciousness. I would suggest the chef serves wasabi mayonnaise seperetely as a dip so that anyone who is not a wasabi fan could dip tiny amounts and vice versa for the others.

Fried prawn in wasabi mayonnaise


The other dish was Chicken Chili dry and I absolutely loved it. The spices were balanced perfectly in this dish unlike the usual chicken chili you get at most of the restaurants here in Dubai. It was beautiful to look at and absolutely smacking to eat.

Chicken Chili Dry

Good news:

They cater for events, parties and any celebrations you want to have with their awesome menu. All you have to do is go to zomato and contact them from there.

Thank you for hosting us. Can’t wait to go back for the amazing food.

Lee's Wok Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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