They see me rollin’ – Sushi Sushi

Century village has several elegant restaurants inside that serve amazing food and Sushi Sushi is one of those. I shall mention this right away that I am not a sushi person and I wish to stay that way. I’m sure you’re thinking by now that why did I went here when I didn’t wanted to have sushi. well, their menu has some really nice dishes apart from sushi and that’s exactly what my blog will convey.

Mint Lemonade:

I found the mint lemonade extremely sweet for my liking. While there was no color to the drink, the taste was pretty strong.

mint lemonade

Sushi galore:

I confess that I did scrape off rice from these sushi to try some and boy were they packed with lots of flavors or what?! Everyone who accompanied me to dinner that day was in awe of how good the sushi is. There were tuna sushi with caviar, crab sushi with avocado and finally smoke salmon sushi.

My absolute favorite was the crispy fried calamari that came with a spicy mayo dip. I was not a fan of any of the noodle dishes particularly because they were not seasoned enough for my palate.



This is their best dish as part of the main course “chicken katsu curry” where the curry has a very warm and subtle flavor that pairs extremely well with the crispy fried chicken. They serve boiled rice on the side that also add up to this delicious equation.

chicken katsu curry

Sweet endings:

I was so excited to see their dessert menu and because I have a thing for matcha, I instantly ordered matcha icecream, greentea icecream and my fellows ordered fried icecream (strawberry) and banana and apple tempura.
I loved the matcha and green tea icecream, they tasted exactly like their parent formula and were not sugar coated to fit in. Also, I like how the icecream was presented with simplicity that radiated through.


Not really a fan of the tempura and fried icecream, I found the coating to be too thick and heavy.

If you’re a sushi fan then you can not miss this place and its should be on your Bucket list! Thank you for your hospitality Sushi Sushi and please convey my regards to your hardworking chef and team.

 Sushi Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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