Meals that make you happy at India Palace

India Palace is widely known in Dubai for its authentic quality meals with an evident royal touch in terms of flavors and presentations. I recently visited Indian Palace in Garhoud for ala carte lunch and I must say that I was impressed with wholesome meals with refreshing addition to my palate as a foodie.

We started off with malai shorba that’s actually pretty amazing with the warmth of chicken stock and gently spiced creame that blends to give a lovely flavor especially for those that have dry throat or runny nose. This is the soup for ya’ll.

For salad, I opted for Murgh tikka salad that was presented beautifully in a papadum bowl, the trick is to break that bowl and mix everything together to get that delicious flavor. The chicken was absolutely lip smacking and I recommend this chicken salad to anyone who does not usually pick salads because of bland taste.

I was then served shahi seekh kebab, these were basically mutton kebabs that tasted pretty good. Although I felt the amount of whole spices could have been toned down a bit to enhance the original flavor of mutton.

My choice of curry for the day was Murgh Makhanwala because I was informed by the kind server that this is butter chicken. The curry was luscious and tangy, the chicken was grilled perfectly and I paired this with laccha paratha for an awesome experience.


Then I tried chicken dum biryani that was fabulous in terms of the quality of rice and aromatic spices in there and the chicken was cooked well. Overall the biryani was pretty great.

I kept sipping on mango lassi throughout the lunch since it was so refreshing.

For dessert, I had ras malai that is soft cheese dumplings that are soaked in saffron infused sugar syrup for that melting sugary taste.

Thank you Team India Palace for a wonderful lunch. Your service was impeccable and the quality of meals was great. I shall come back for more soon.



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My experience at Peppermill

One of the toughest decisions to make while shopping in the mall is “where to eat?” (First world problems) I know. So, I had my eyes on this restaurant since a long time and I finally had dinner here. The ambiance is lively and there’s room for a lot of people. They also have separators for specific dining requirements.

I ordered their Chicken sev puri from the starters that turned out quite wonderful except for the fact that the chicken wasn’t quite adding up with the chaat. There were juicy chutneys in there and the creamy yogurt was simply amazing.

Ordered the katiafi prawns from appetizers, these were amazing. The best thing about this dish was their mango salsa that wowed me. It was placed in small quantity on the plate but was packed with intense flavors.

peppermill food

Next, I had the soya chaap curry which was the winner for me. The curry was composed of some serious spices, no nonsense. I love a luscious curry with pure spices and this is exactly the one I had been looking for. Also the soya chaap were velvety soft and flavoured well too. I request you to order this even if you are a hardcore non-veg 🙂


For dessert, I opted for ras malai milkcake, it came with lots of crushed laddoo topping. I felt there was too much zafran in there for my liking but overall it was delicious.

ras malai milkcake

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Food with integrity at Bombay Dreams

It is almost so rare that I visit a restaurant for review and everything on the menu speaks to the foodie in me on another level. I happen to visit Bombay dreams in Oud Mehta for a blogger’s meet and was awestruck by the dishes served. The food made me so happy, there were genuine flavors packed inside each dish and I would highly recommend you take your loved ones here even if they don’t usually enjoy a pure vegetarian meal.


Bombay dreams served 100% vegetarian dishes with a blend of aromatic flavors and spices to tempt your taste buds. Their interiors and simple and neat, colorful walls with hand paintings. The menu is quite vast so take your time before you order.

Indian Starters:

The first starter that I tried was Beetroot tikki, that’s basically mashed beetroot with coriander and cheese rolled into a ball and dunked in bread crumbs and eventually deep fried or baked. It tasted amazing! I feel i’m short for words to describe this here. It was the right kind of spicy and sweet. The cheese was just lovely on the inside!

Next, I had the Batata Hibiscus where baby potatoes were covered in strawberry chutney. The flavors here were pretty awesome.

Halloumi cigar was another appetizer that tasted delicious. It was simple cigar stuffed with halloumi cheese topped with fried onion.

Then came the Sambal Tofu where fried tofu was tossed in chilli sauce and spring onions. The best bit of this dish was Sambal, it had a kick to its chili quotient. I’m not much of a fan when it comes to tofu but this one was pretty nice.

The other item that stood out was Bird eye chili paneer, the crispy potato along with creamy capsicum and chili paneer was fantastic.


All the main course dishes were amazing, my favorites were Thai khichri, tomatillo risotto and snow white pasta. Thai khichri is a must have, its super creamy and has a zesty tomato punch that makes the khichri overall beautiful.

The portion sizes were quite generous. I suggest you share between two people.


As you know the trend of theatre food has gone viral and everyone seems to enjoy it. One dessert “Ghewar with cucmber gelato” was presented dramatically with smoke coming out from the sides and eveything. I personally loved the flavors in this, the cucumber gelato was creamy and the taste of cucumber was quite evident.


I request you to visis Bombay Dreams with big apetite and high hopes as this restaurant’s food is not going to disappoint you! Also, its really pocket friendly.


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Unlimited BBQ Buffet only for 55 Aed at The Grand Barbecue


Grand Barbecue is in Jumeirah where all the famous Pakistani/Indian buffet restaurants are located. It has a lot of space inside to fit a large group of people especially for parties or celebrations. Their staff is well trained and quite friendly, they are on their toes to serve you with a warm smile on their faces.

Chaat Station:

Started off with the chaat station that had so many chaat varieties lined up. I chose to have pani puri and mixed dahi puri chaat. Absolutely loved the chaat, it was loaded with sweet yoghurt and sev puri. I adore the fact that they were so generous with the chutneys.

paani puri
pouring sweet chutney
Chaat station

Salad Corner:

I can totally survive on salads if they are as extravagant as they were here in this restaurant. A wide variety of vegetables in different dressings were available to enjoy!

Salad Station


License to Grill:

The best part of this buffet was that you don’t necessarily have to roam around and wait in long queues for the barbecue options because these guys place the grill on your table and refill it according to your liking.
The other great side is that they have so many options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians that includes paneer tikka, broccoli-zucchini-cauliflower grill, shrimps, fish, chicken and mushrooms.



The main courses were simply amazing because all the staple Pakistani/Indian dishes were available. From dum chicken biryani to palak paneer, they’ve got it all!

Six types of different chutneys were served on the table that go along with any of these dishes perfectly well. There was also a separate pasta station but my desi soul didn’t turn that way. There were all kinds and shapes of pasta that were made to order according to your liking.

Pasta station


After I successfully stuffed myself with every grain of delicious food available here, I headed straight towards the desserts section where I finally lost my heart because there was everything I dreamed of having. My favorite was Mishti Doi that’s actually a famous Bengali dessert and is a thick creamy textured sweet dish with subtle hints of sweet and sour.

 Kid’s favorites:

There were popcorns, french fries, papadum, chocolate fountain, icecream rolls and so much more for kids to enjoy as well.


Thank you for your wonderful service Team Grand Barbecue. I am definitely coming back with my entire family to enjoy all of this food.

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Food with a story to tell- Once Upon a Bite

Karama (Dubai) has some serious food game going on that attracts a fair chunk of foodies (like me) every now and then. Once upon a bite is a dining experience down the memory lane that reminds one of home cooked meals and the flavors, just like a mother makes for her children. The restaurant genuinely believes in people sharing conversations over the comfort food they serve.

The restaurant has a friendly feel with peaceful music playing delivers a relatively soothing ambiance. There are so many colorful quotes and animated graphics covering the walls that it fairly qualifies as an instagram-able restaurant.



I was welcomed with a gorgeous “masala coke” that’s actually diluted coca cola with masala mixed well and garnished with mint on top. This was my first time trying a masala cola ever and I was just blown away by how refreshing this drink was.

Masala cola

Chatter on a platter-

I was then served a nice big bowl of chicken sausage maggi that tasted like childhood on a plate. Growing up in Pakistan/India, one has several memories attached with instant noodles and the restaurant is just delivering that to us all. That too on such affordable rates.

Chicken sausage Maggi

Later, I had this amazing aalu paratha on my table with a creamy yoghurt dip that was the right balance of sweet and sour. The paratha was made of whole wheat and was not flaky at all, the potato filling inside was pretty generous and uniform throughout.

Aaalu Paratha
Yogurt dip

Also had the privilege to try their famous “shaadi wali coffee” that becomes clearer once you sip the coffee. It comes in a cute orange designed cup that has a nice story on its back. The coffee is garnished with chocolate powder and tastes just like the ones we used to enjoy on a wedding ceremony back in our hometowns.


Thanks a bunch for hosting me Once Upon a Bite. Chef Ajay really outdid himself by serving me some really nice dishes. I’m glad I dined in here and I would recommend it to all of my friends and readers.

Chef Ajay


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Go Gaga for Gabbar’s Grill

I’m sure you all are familiar with Gabbar Singh from the old classic Bollywood movie called “Sholay” that has inspired this restaurant and represents the cuisine at the same time (Indian). Almost all the decor is made out of old unused bottles and pretty colorful kites hanging from the ceiling and old sari used as drapes and so much more. I think its super innovative and smart to recycle all these things in this way.

Drop it like it’s hot!

We tried their Rajma masala and Mutton Roganjosh; it was hard to decide which one we liked best because both were outstanding in their own ways. The rajma masala was comforting and spiced just enough to give you an amazing taste while the mutton was so tender and the gravy was fresh and bright in color.

Laccha paratha
Mutton Roganjosh and Rajma masala

Sweet Endings

This was first time trying “Mango sticky rice” and I’m glad I had it here at Gabbar’s Grill. It was so tasty, the moment you dig in with your spoon and get that spoonful of steaming hot sticky rice with freshly diced mangoes, you’ll understand my happiness.

Mango sticky rice

Good news:

They cater for events, parties and any celebrations you want to have with their awesome menu. All you have to do is go to zomato and contact them from there.

Thank you so much for having us Gabbar’s grill. We loved every bit of our dining experience here.

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Amuse your taste buds at Sagar Ratna

Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan, India. It is known as “blue city” because whenever you see the houses over there, almost each one of them is painted blue according to a widely believed fact that the color blue keeps home cool during summers.
So when you enter Sagar Ratna, you will quite evidently see the color blue that represents their cuisine that is authentic jodhpuri/marwari.

Chef Sawai Singh from Jodhpur

We were served Makhaniya Lassi as welcome drink and honestly, I have never had a welcome drink that was this beautiful in texture (velvety) and flavor ever before. There was a cute blob of freshly hand churned butter on top of it, garnished with rose petals to enhance the look. I can have this any day,every day because it was that good.

Innovation on fleek

For starters, we were served Jodhpuri Pyaaz kachori which was outstanding in terms of both crispiness and filling. It should be a perfect dish to order in evenings while you sip on tea alongside.

The second starter were Karak Seekh Kebab, they were crisp from outside and moist flavorsome on the inside, delivering perfect taste to the palate.

Karak Seekh Kebab

The third starter was Chaap ke Sule and as soon as it arrived before my eyes, I questioned my own conscience because it looked so much like chicken. When I poked into it and tried the first bite, even then it tasted like one but the chef was there to assure me that it is 100% vegetarian made of soya bean.

Chaanp k sule

Ghee Positive!

Before I enlist the mains, I want you to know that all the food here is made with desi ghee and it shines through each and every dish beautifully.

Ok, please be patient with me on this one. “Gulab Jamun ki sabzi” I swear I had no idea what it would taste like but oh my God! it was out of my expectations, extremely delicious. The gulab Jamun only become sweet when you dip them in sugar syrup so what the chef did, is that instead of a sugar syrup; he cooked them in a savory gravy. How cool is that? Brownie points for the innovation!

Gulab Jamun ki sabzi

Then came the Papad methi dana ki sabzi that was super tasty and made with such precision, bearing in mind the combination of spices that eventually just melts your heart with its rich goodness.

Papad methi dana ki sabzi

We were served Jari Buti naan that complimented the sabzi dishes so well. I mean look at this naan and tell me that you can just have it on its own without a gravy dish. right? it’s that tasty.

Jari buti naan

Another beautiful dish was this Smokey daal makhani that is just what you need to unwind the day with. Its delicious, comforting and so light that you wont resist its perfectly balanced flavors.

Smokey daal makhani

Sweet tooth satisfied

For dessert, the chef amazed me by serving an amazing yet complicated dessert called “Bajra gur ghee ka churma” where you actually work with Jaggery and reduce it to an extent that it caramelizes and induces this sweet yet creamy flavor in the sweet dish. Accompanying this dessert was another famous one “Moong daal ka halwa”. Don’t think that the portion sizes were small, I assure you that they were tiny but mighty.


Thank you so much for hosting me Team Sagar Ratna and Mr. Piyush Maloo for giving us such a warm and friendly dining experience, walking us through each and every dish meant so much. My highest recommendations for everyone to visit Sagar Ratna.

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