Amuse your taste buds at Sagar Ratna

Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan, India. It is known as “blue city” because whenever you see the houses over there, almost each one of them is painted blue according to a widely believed fact that the color blue keeps home cool during summers.
So when you enter Sagar Ratna, you will quite evidently see the color blue that represents their cuisine that is authentic jodhpuri/marwari.

Chef Sawai Singh from Jodhpur

We were served Makhaniya Lassi as welcome drink and honestly, I have never had a welcome drink that was this beautiful in texture (velvety) and flavor ever before. There was a cute blob of freshly hand churned butter on top of it, garnished with rose petals to enhance the look. I can have this any day,every day because it was that good.

Innovation on fleek

For starters, we were served Jodhpuri Pyaaz kachori which was outstanding in terms of both crispiness and filling. It should be a perfect dish to order in evenings while you sip on tea alongside.

The second starter were Karak Seekh Kebab, they were crisp from outside and moist flavorsome on the inside, delivering perfect taste to the palate.

Karak Seekh Kebab

The third starter was Chaap ke Sule and as soon as it arrived before my eyes, I questioned my own conscience because it looked so much like chicken. When I poked into it and tried the first bite, even then it tasted like one but the chef was there to assure me that it is 100% vegetarian made of soya bean.

Chaanp k sule

Ghee Positive!

Before I enlist the mains, I want you to know that all the food here is made with desi ghee and it shines through each and every dish beautifully.

Ok, please be patient with me on this one. “Gulab Jamun ki sabzi” I swear I had no idea what it would taste like but oh my God! it was out of my expectations, extremely delicious. The gulab Jamun only become sweet when you dip them in sugar syrup so what the chef did, is that instead of a sugar syrup; he cooked them in a savory gravy. How cool is that? Brownie points for the innovation!

Gulab Jamun ki sabzi

Then came the Papad methi dana ki sabzi that was super tasty and made with such precision, bearing in mind the combination of spices that eventually just melts your heart with its rich goodness.

Papad methi dana ki sabzi

We were served Jari Buti naan that complimented the sabzi dishes so well. I mean look at this naan and tell me that you can just have it on its own without a gravy dish. right? it’s that tasty.

Jari buti naan

Another beautiful dish was this Smokey daal makhani that is just what you need to unwind the day with. Its delicious, comforting and so light that you wont resist its perfectly balanced flavors.

Smokey daal makhani

Sweet tooth satisfied

For dessert, the chef amazed me by serving an amazing yet complicated dessert called “Bajra gur ghee ka churma” where you actually work with Jaggery and reduce it to an extent that it caramelizes and induces this sweet yet creamy flavor in the sweet dish. Accompanying this dessert was another famous one “Moong daal ka halwa”. Don’t think that the portion sizes were small, I assure you that they were tiny but mighty.


Thank you so much for hosting me Team Sagar Ratna and Mr. Piyush Maloo for giving us such a warm and friendly dining experience, walking us through each and every dish meant so much. My highest recommendations for everyone to visit Sagar Ratna.

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