Guilt-free pizza from Freedom Pizza

It’s almost so common that we tick off pizza from the list of food while thinking of our health. Solely because its always high in calories and loaded with cheese. Freedom pizza is famous for their healthy twists on pizza, desserts and garlic breads. They have carefully constructed each recipe bearing in mind that any person who is on gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, keto diets may enjoy their pizzas with zero guilt.


The pizza was right on time even though the delivery outlet was at least 30 minutes away from my home. Not only this but all the pizzas were packed neatly, warm and fresh with tangy marinara sauces. packed separately.

I was really looking forward to have their cauliflower crusted pizza which was extremely delicious, I wouldn’t have imagined that its a cauliflower crust given that the flavors and texture did complete justice to the concept of pizza in general.


Then I had the viva las vegan and felt that the bread was a little dry and could use some kind of moisture. But the toppings were brilliant! Red sauce, vegan sausage, vegan cheese, mixed pepper, spring onion, balsamic onion, basil and parsley were rocking altogether. Overall it was pretty amazing.


I literally love their mozzarella bread sticks, these were chewy pull apart kinda bread pieces. Highly recommend this as a side to your pizza.

I also tried their mango and strawberry cheesecakes that were quite different mainly because they were gluten free and vegan. But not bad though! You should definitely give these a try.img_4138

You may even create/customize your own pizza with a wide variety of toppings to choose from.

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Dinner Buffet at Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is a much famous restaurant in the Palm Atlantis. I had been introduced to this place through the entertainer app 2018. So, I decided to give it a go on a birthday and while I made reservations through a phone call, their team was extremely co-operative and kind. They promised me a birthday cake on the house and helped me understand the dress code as well.


The moment you enter Palm Atlantis, that feeling of grandness and larger than life is on your mind. Loved their Christmas decor, cleanliness, system management and security. I slowly walked to the restaurant because I was wearing high heels that day. We were frequently asked to disclose any allergies so the staff may assist us in choosing the food options. We were seated at quite the far end from the buffet, and happily walked every time we wanted to explore the menu.IMG-8362

Selection of salad, lettuce and vegetables:

They have wide variety of fresh salad including boiled eggs, butter lettuce, iceberg lettuce, sweet corn. cucumber, beans, broccoli and many more ready made ones like Tuna salad, spicy beef salad, ceaser salad, greek salad, chicken and waldorf salad, quinoa and roasted pumpkin salad. The best part was the several salad dressings you can pick from.


Selection of Sushi Rolls:

They’ve got Salmon, crab, unagi, nigri with tuna, you name it! also the various condiments such as wasabi, soya sauce, pickle ginger.


 Nachos station:

This one was a bit disappointing for me as there were no tacos but hey! the nachos were crispy and fresh, there were various salsa options to go with it like tomato salsa, corn and black bean salsa, guacamole, spring onion salsa and even carrot and egg plant salsa.

Cheese Board:

The cheese board was aesthetically pleasing with brie, gorgonzola, gouda, emental, edam, fontina and many more to enjoy with mixed nuts, dry fruits, fresh grapes, peach, water crackers, crostini and even figs and plum chutneys. Now that’s some variety.

Italian dishes:

I think its fair to tell you that this is the main area where I was roaming around mainly due to the fresh exotic pasta dishes including cochiggli pasta with meat sauce and meat lasagne. They also had carbonara, balongnese, alfredo, pesto and arrabiata on made to order. But my heart was really set on their pizza corner as it had four cheese pizza, margarita and the cheese bianca pizza. *Drooling while I write this*

Soup of the day:

I didn’t try any of the soups that day but they looked pretty amazing. There was lentil soup, cream potato and leek and cream of mushroom soups that day.


Atlantis beef and roasted chicken were the most loved items as there was a high influx of people on that table. I would really like to praise the pepper sauce here that was kept as a condiment. It paired so well with the chicken.

Main course:

The most amazing thing about this buffet was the Tandoor and Indian curry station as it had so much variety that your’e going to read this twice. (or maybe thrice?) Ok, I’ll name the dishes for you and then you be the judge ok? let’s do this:

For the vegetarians there were: Zeera pulao, daal tadka, beans sabzi, chana masala, aaloo shimla, dahi kadi, paneer makkini, tandoori potato and tindli masala, aaloo tikki and vegetable pakora too.

While for the non-vegeterians: Fish tikka, chicken tandoori, mutton rohan josh and chicken goan curry. Then there were various Indian breads and chutneys made from the freshest ingredients.

Dim Sums:

The dim sum station was lit with chicken bun, prawn sew mai, lo makai, hakau prawn dim sum, vegetable dumpling, fish dumpling and mushroom dumpling.


Arabic station:

I can not explain how delicious were there mix grilled items especially the lamb kebabs. They were juicy and cooked to perfection. The cheese rolls and lamb kibbeh were amazing too.

Sweet endings:

Loved their exotic selection of pastry display, chocolate fountain, date chocolate tower, orange rice pudding, praline eclair, oreo cheese cake, pineapple and coconut tart, vanilla eggless cake and fried cinnamon sticks.

I would like to suggest the management to add mini cocktail shots to one of the stations, I know there was a rhubarb drink but I didn’t like it that much. Also. I missed crispy fried prawns.

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And you eat like at home with Crumby


Crumby is an authentic Italian restaurant that serves you meals that are hearty and make you feel like home. The warmth and freshness in each dish resonates with one’s heart so beautifully that it is impossible to be dissatisfied with your dining experience here.


The ambiance is simple. elegant and neat. Even the choice of music is vintage and classy.


We started off our amazing culinary journey with fresh Bruschetta that was exceptionally good simply because the tomatoes were not over grilled. Usually I feel chefs cook/bake the tomatoes so much that when you bite into the bruschetta, it looses that juicy and fresh touch.

Pumpkin soup

It was their soup of the day and I had runny nose so our server “Diana” recommended me this soup and she assured me that it will be amazing. I usually don’t go for soups especially pumpkin ones but when I had the first spoonful of this soup, my pupils dilated with excitement. It was creamy and warm and it came with a bowl of parmesan cheese and croutons to add as per your liking. I went all in and tossed the croutons and cheese and waited for a minute to dig in so that the croutons become pillow-y soft. The soup tasted exactly like a classic beschamel sauce.

chicken panzerotti

The chicken panzerotti was fluffy and light as air so much so that you won’t believe its deep fried. All credit goes to the dough that was kneaded to perfection. The chicken and cheese filling inside was pretty generous and flavorsome. Don’t believe me? Watch out for this cheese pull below:



Speaking of perfect dough, their pepperoni pizza was work of art.

Pepperoni pizza with cherry tomatoes

Diana explains us the six steps which are needed to make this beautiful pizza. First the chef kneads dough several times and then rolls it out on the baking dish and slathers on freshly prepared pizza sauce comprised of ripe tomatoes. He then bakes it for some time and when the bread rises, only then the cheese and pepperoni is added and the cherry tomatoes go on last. wow!

Spinach and ricotta ravioli

If you don’t know the amount of time and energy that goes into making a perfect ravioli, you may never appreciate it the way it deserves to be appreciated. This was a spinach and ricotta ravioli dunked in tomato sauce with Italian herbs. The combination of spinach and ricotta is match made in heaven but it was executed so well that this dish stands out.


Crumby Dubai has won this title for an eminent reason:


Their Tiramisu is made of mascrapone cheese made from scratch, yep! you read it right and that enhances its flavor up to 10 times as compared to an ordinary Tiramisu.


The layers of divine goodness blend in beautifully to create this dessert. I am smitten by the hearty meals I devoured here at Crumby, this is the kind of food that speaks to your heart and soul on so many levels.

Thank you once again for a wonderful dining experience Crumby Dubai.

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