The finest Lebanese food in Abudhabi

I decided to cruise around ADH in my car looking for suitable places to eat with nothing specific in mind when I found Mosaic and I instantly browsed it on zomato and google only to find out that this restaurant has received several awards from the food and beverage industry in the recent years. So without a doubt, I parked my car and went inside.

The interiors are beautiful and its not a huge place but they have made most of the space they have and decorated it nicely especially the gorgeous chandeliers. The restaurant manager was very courteous as he helped pick a table for us where we can easily park our baby’s stroller and eat in peace. They have open kitchen with all the live action going on. The whole place smelled like lamb kebabs and saffron rice. We were given e-menu to choose from which was extremely efficient as they have pictures with each dish to understand what to have.

We ordered manakeesh, grilled chicken and kebab platter. While they were working on our meal, we were served complimentary salad and olives. Loved their presentations especially for the bread that came in abundance in an L shaped vessel. Not only the presentations were good, the bread was soft and doughy.

The manakeesh we ordered was half zaatar and half cheese, loved it! the grilled chicken was super fine, all the flavors were shining through.

The kebabs were outstanding. Loved all the flavors! cooked perfectly with their juices preserved within the meat. Chicken kebabs were good too which was a surprise because its extremely hard to cook perfect chicken kebabs because chicken has no flavor of its own. But we loved those as well.

The only thing that was a let down, was their dessert menu that had chocolate parfait, pineapple tiramisu and rice puddings. I wish there were more to choose from. So I ended up leaving without a dessert.


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Turn up the heat at Turkish steak restaurant

I am absolutely in love with the food served here, be it their juicy adna kebabs or the flamed ribs; they have pioneered each dish in a beautiful way. Turkish steak restaurant is located near Mercato mall and its actually a villa with lots of space to accommodate big group of people.

Started off with their grilled chicken salad where the chicken was spiced perfectly and grilled, loved the neat presentation of this and the flavors in this salad were spot on.

Next, I had the Oven cheese mushrooms that you can find under hot starters in their menu. These were gorgeous baked mushrooms oozing with the right amount of cheese. My advice: have them hot and let them sway you 🙂

Had their butcher’s cheese kofta, these were the showstoppers of my entire dining experience at Turkish steak restaurant. They were not over cooked and the juices in the meat were preserved well, also the cheese in koftas was not overpowering and formed a lovely lacey texture when cut open.

Also had the sultan (2 plate) which comprises of adna kebab, kuzu, shish kebab, chicken shish, lamb chops and tomato kebab. I’m a hardcore carnivore so I conveniently ate everything on this platter except for the tomato. Loved this so much. So difficult to decide my favorite element from this platter but I would go for the shish kebabs. They were amazing!

The drink I ordered was called Honey roasted pear and I swear I have never tried a drink that is this refreshing before. The combination of honey, vanilla, cinnamon and apple was just mind blowing.

They have amazing variety of steaks and burgers and platters to share. I highly recommend you visit this restaurant with your friends who love meaty delicacies especially authentic Turkish flavors.

For the dessert, I had authentic turkish baklava with vanilla icecream, the baklava was melt in mouth good and added an extra zing to my wonderful dining experience.

Thank you Team Turkish Steak restaurant for hosting me. Your service is superb.

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