Hyper-Kebab-ism at Kebab Bistro

A day in my life when I had this beautiful opportunity to have Parsi food and I was dumbstruck by the combination of flavors and cooking techniques. Also, the fact that most of these dishes were steamed, baked or grilled and was the perfect definition of healthy and tasty food.
This standalone Indian restaurant has taken the responsibility of delivering the best Parsi cuisine. Although now, they have tweaked their menu to comply with quirky foodie needs and is now proudly serving Parsi-Indo fusion food.

Take a look at some of the pictures from the restaurant that resonate cozy vibes. Kebab Bistro is located in the heart of Karama, serving parsi-indian fusion food with a variety of options to choose from. The owners are two gems that treat their customers like family and take good care of you.

We were served a nice chilled glass of mint lemonade as a welcome drink.

Mint Lemonade


For starters, we were served “Prawn Arincini” and “plain Arancini” that’s actually stuffed rice and cheese ball which is deep fried and topped with a prawn along with an intense sauce.

Prawn Arancini

These were so light and packed with bags of flavor. Not to forget the flattering cheese pull situation once you cut open them. Another marvel from the starters list was “Patra Ni Macchi” which is white pomfret  fish marinated in green coconut chutney wrapped in banana leaf and steamed.

Patra Ni Macchi

To All The Kebabs I have ever loved before:

For Main course- we were served Fish seekh kabab, mutton seekh kebab and dhansak. Now, it got pretty tough for me to choose a winner over here because all of the dishes were mind blowing. Fish seekh kebab were out of this world, soft, flavorsome and juicy.

Fish seekh kebab 

The mutton seekh kabab were cooked to perfection. Not only they were succulent but also imparted a subtle spiciness and were not loaded with extreme chili heat.

Mutton seekh kebab

Chicken malayi boti were tender to touch, marinated slightly with subtle spices and sizzled to perfect.

Chicken malayi boti

Dhansak was composed of slow cooked mutton and their juices flowing in the luscious lentil gravy that might remind you of a famous Pakistani dish- Haleem. This is served with basmati rice cooked with onions and whole ground spices. It is an honest definition of good home cooked food.

Mutton Dhansak

Parsified Dessert:

Laga nu custard

It is a traditional Parsi dessert served at weddings which is eggs and reduced milk baked to a custard that tastes almost like caramel because of the burnt sugar element.



Kebab Bistro does not feel like dining in a restaurant at all, they make you feel like home with delicious cooked dishes and I assure you that they won’t let you leave unless you’re stuffed. Thank you for a wonderful dining experience 🙂

 Kebab Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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