A Meaty Affair at Smoked Meat Kitchen

chicken wings on fire

I haven’t met a single person whose pupils didn’t dilate and heart didn’t explode with excitement when I say the word “BBQ or Smoked Meat” because lets just be honest and confess that we all love BBQ meat and sitting together, chatting endlessly, laughing our hearts out over some good smoked meat food. That’s exactly what SMK offers minus the hassle of marinating meat and lighting up fire and etc etc.
Lovely little area in La Mer with a serene view of beach serves some super good meaty dishes. IMG_2034


They have wide range of mocktails, soft drinks and fresh smoothies. I tried the strawberry smoothie and although it was refreshing, I would like to call it a slush because generally a smoothie is based on yogurt. while this drink was fresh strawberries grated in ice. The mango and blackberry smoothies also paired up with the weather perfectly.


Chicken wings on fire! (Quite literally)

Absolutely love the fiery chicken wings, these were drenched in bbq sauce and had no extra spices so that you can taste the pure smokiness with the juicy chicken.


The potato fries accompanying these wings were crisp and fresh. The dip was soft on palette and some celery sticks did some real color breaking there.IMG_2054

Mary had a little lamb (Not anymore!)

Because SMK marinated it for 10 hours, slathered it with freshly prepared bbq sauce and fired it away!



The smoked meat, peaceful view of beach and bruno mars collection is surely going to be a dining experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Now, all you need is some good company 🙂


Good news: They even cater for your parties. Please view the rating chart below:

SMK - Smoked Meat Kitchen , Jumeirah 1 Menu


SMK - Smoked Meat Kitchen  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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