Fresh flavors from Meals corner

Meals corner located in Sharjah is serving a wide range of meals that mostly revolve around Indian or Indo-Chinese flavors. The restaurant is fairly neat with limited seating space. But their menu is surely amazing.


I started off with a plate of Dahi batata puri chaat which was quite appealing to look at but some flavors were lacking such as spicy hints from green chillies that are essentially a part of chaat in the form of a chutney.

Then I tried their chicken hot and sour soup that was served with complimentary spiral crackers. The soup was too sour for my liking but the broth that was the basis of this soup was very comforting and intense.

I then tried the chicken boneless tikka which was absolutely lip smacking good. The flavors were great, the green chutney that it comes with is super tasty. Don’t be shy when you dip tikka in chutney, be generous 🙂

Then came the chicken schezuan rice with red sauce, I found it particularly tasty, the chicken in rice was not heavily coated and tasted quite lovely. But my favorite was prawn dry chili which were super. The flavors here were so good especially the prawn itself was soft and subtle, not over cooked.

Thank You team Meals Corner for a great lunch.


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Sway with Pakistani spices at Des Pardes

Now I know that Pakistani restaurants generally share this reputation of un-hygienic and overly spiced food but I as a foodie confirm that the food you eat at a hawker stand is far better than the one you get at fine dining 5 star luxury restaurants. Des Pardes is a small cafeteria kind of place in Oud Mehta and they serve Karachiite cuisine that means coal smoked karhayi with layers of oil on top and crisp naan straight from tandoor.


The staff was so friendly, I had to pinch myself to realize that I am not in Pakistan just yet. We ordered Chicken peshawri karhayi that’s a north frontier delicacy in Pakistan. It is specially delicious because the amount of spices in here are quite low, the meat gives its original flavor in combination with tomatoes.


We also had the galawati kebab curry which was outstanding. The chefs nailed this one as it was packed with bags of flavors and a variety of spices. The kebabs itself were tender.

The chicken biryani wasn’t as good as I was expecting. Perhaps it needed more moisture, the masala was a tad bit dry but even then it tastes pretty decent.

The showstopper for me was the lassi. I have been extremely disappointed of the lassi standards here in Middle East because yogurt blended with sugar is considered as lassi at most of the restaurants. But I grew up having the perfectly proportioned milk and yogurt lassi and I am so glad that I found it at Des Pardes.

The best bit is that these guys are open 24 hours. I highly recommend you enjoy movie night on weekends and hit it to Des Pardes for mouth watering karhayi and grilled kebabs.

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Hyderabadi Heaven- Nizamat Restaurant

Nizamat is a family restaurant located in the busiest areas of Dubai- meena bazar. They have good seating space inside as well as outside. They even have arrangement of pedestal fans for people who wish to sit outside in summers. The first thing you will notice as you walk inside, it will be the smiles on their staff’s faces. The staff was courteous and efficient in terms of suggesting what to order and how many people will the portion size cater to.

We asked the server to bring us their best seller dishes from the menu and that’s why we started off with their non-vegetarian kebab platter that’s recommended for 2 people. This platter comprises of Mutton seekh kebab, reshmi kebab, pahadi kebab and fresh green chutney. There are two of each kind of kebabs. My favorite was the pahadi kebab as it was spiced well and char grilled to perfection. Each of the kebab on this platter was beautiful in its own way and none of them were over loaded with spices or salt which is usually common in barbecue kebabs else where.

To pair up with the kebabs, our server brought us fresh orange juice with pulp which was such a treat. We were then served chicken chilli dry that looked amazing, the chef made extra effort and decorated sliced cucumbers as hearts. I found it cute 🙂 But the dish itself lacked that kick of spice and burnt garlic flavor.

Next came our favorite dish, chicken hyderabadi dum biryani. Offcourse, we were there to indulge in some serious biryani game and honestly we were not disappointed. Loved the flavors in biryani especially the tender chicken that was marinated 24 hours before cooking with the biryani rice. The raaita (yogurt dip) served with biryani had grated cucumber in it that enhanced the flavor of biryani in combination.

Lastly, we were served double ka meetha for dessert. It is an authentic hyderabadi dessert that’s made with fried bread dipped in sugar syrup and then eventually cooked in saffron milk, that’s where it gets it orange color from 🙂

We had to end this fantastic meal with a warm cup of saffron tea. It was so soothing and relaxing.

I wiped off all the dessert in one go. It was so soft and creamy! absolutely recommended. Thank you Team Nizamat for such a wonderful dining experience. I am definitely coming back with my big fat family.

Plus points: Nizamat caters to your events or any location you’d like them to cater to. Their minimum order requirement depends on the area you want delivery but its usually 50 Aed plus. How cool is that?


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Pakistani chinese food in Sharjah

I know its a cardinal sin to admire Pakistani fusion of Chinese cuisine but I can’t help it. Growing up in Pakistan, I always enjoyed the Chinese food served there at various restaurants. Peking in Sharjah serves exactly those amazing dishes with a fairly average ambiance and several options to choose from in their menu. What caught my attention was the server’s dress code wearing a lovely kimono, she was efficient with the menu and even guided us about serving sizes.

I ordered american chopsuey, egg fried rice, chilli ginger chicken and chicken sizzling manchurian. The chilli ginger chicken was my favorite as it wasn’t loaded with chilli or garlic, the flavor of boneless chicken blended so well with all the other ingredients.

I felt American chopsuey was a let down as the one I used to have back in Pakistan was served with a fried egg on top and I believe that’s how this dish is supposed to be served.

Chicken sizzling manchurian was nicely done, it sizzled all the way. The flavors were pretty good except for the quantity of chilli in there that I felt could have been a tad bit higher. Nevertheless, it was good and I recommend you try this one along with the ginger chilli chicken.

The fried rice were average. Nothing special about them. May I suggest the chefs to tweak these with some burnt garlic to give that amazing authentic fried rice flavor 🙂

I apologize for having no pictures to put up with this blog post as I was starving at the restaurant and gobbled up the dishes pretty quickly.

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Dubai’s tastiest buffet – Kitchen6


img-9070Whether you want to take out that special someone for a wholesome buffet experience or just the family to have a delicious meal time for everyone because Kitchen 6 has so much variety. Their stations are not only full of gorgeous dishes but they taste beautiful too. I have been visiting this place for two years now and yet, I still wait for a special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries to just be here. They make you feel valued and help enhance your dining experience like no one else.


Before I begin on the elaborate details, I want you to know that this buffet at Kitchen6 is a game changer. You know how in buffets, they don’t let you have water or any other drinks in the per head amount paid? Well, kitchen6 does not deprive you of if and has wide variety of shots, lemonade and juices to entice you all the way. I loved their lemonade, it had a refreshing punch.



From hummus and dipping vegetables to quinoa salad, they’ve got it all! I particularly loved their chicken quesadillas, thai style beef chicken satay and crispy chicken bites. There were peanut sauce and different pickles accompanying them.


Soups and sandwiches:

You have got to try their angus beef burger and fries and if you prefer eating clean then ceaser salad and arabic lentil soup is just the right one for you.


I began roaming around my favorite station where arabic mixed grill is found, the grilled meat items were spectacular. Joojeh kebab, lamb kofta with saffron rice were like whisper of a dream. Their butter chicken, salmon steak and corn-fed chicken breast made their way to my heart as well.


Asian station:

This is my favorite station whenever I visit Kitchen6 for a buffet dinner. They have nasi goreng, vegetable fried rice, cashew chicken and so much more to keep you hooked to this particular section of the buffet. I couldn’t get enough of their sweet and sour fish with vegetables as it was just perfect.

While, my appetite was satisfied, the heart wasn’t. As I was still eating, their sous chef walked up to me and offered me a freshly cooked gulab jamun. How in the world could I say no to that sweet offer? I said yes. And to my surprise, the gulab jamun was superb. Just like the ones I used to have back in my hometown, Pakistan.


Sweet Endings:

Their dessert station looks like fairytale, straight out of disney books. Its beautifully decorated and full of treats you can trust. Traditional Umm ali, berries and creame, chocolate fudge, warm chocolate pudding, oreo cheesecake, cookie crumble, fresh fruits and different flavors of icecreams and sorbets with multiple topping options.


You are going to love your buffet experience at Kitchen6.

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Authentic hyderabadi food in Dubai at Deccan garden

Deccan garden restaurant is a lovely eatery in Naif Dubai that serves mouth watering hyderabadi cuisine. Being a hyderabadi myself, I adore each and every dish served here including the aromatic saffron in biryani, minty hues of green chutney and the sinfully indulging dabal ka meetha. I will explain each dish in detail below and then you can not hold me accountable for the major food coma.


Firstly, I would like to mention this that usually restaurants that serve this kind of food, don’t really pay much attention to cleanliness and ambiance. But this was not the case with this place, they have neatly decorated two areas under one roof. One is a cafe and the other is a full fledged restaurant. The cafe area has casual seating area with comfy concave chairs while the restaurant has formal table and chairs.

beef haleem

We started off with beef haleem that was presented in a beautiful arrangement of curry leaves and cashew nuts on top and tasted pretty good. My only concern was low spices, it would have been outstanding with extra spiciness.

chicken malai boti

Then we had the chicken malai bot that was succulent and delicious but the orange chutney that accompanied the chicken was sweet and didn’t pair well with the boti. If you dipped this malai boti into another green chili chutney that they served with other dish, you will love it!

chicken dum biryani

Their chicken dum biryani was amazing, the rice were fluffy and each grain stood separate. Chicken was cooked to perfection and marinated beautifully. The portion size was satisfactory for one person.

chicken tikka

I then tried their chicken tikka that looked gorgeous and intensely orange (super appealing), it tasted average. Needed more red chilli and crushed peppers.

pomegranate juice

I enjoyed these delicious hyderabadi dishes with fresh pomegranate juice that was pretty awesome.

For desserts, we had khubani ka meetha that’s actually apricots cooked with custard and lots of sugar. They nailed it. this was amazing. The other dessert that made its way to my heart was Dabal ka meetha, its actually fried slice of bread dipped in sugar syrup. It was absolutely smashing!

Thank you for your hospitality Deccan garden Restaurant. I recommend this place to people craving for hyderabadi cuisine.

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Barbecue Delights- Fit for a King


I am so impressed with the food here that I am trying to find a perfect blend of words to compile this blog post. Barbecue Delights is a buffet based on staple Pakistani dishes along with some Indian meals too. Their ambiance is soulful and filled with different colors and wall art that basically represents Pakistani truck art. Their service is extremely amazing and this is one buffet where you don’t care “how many” dishes are there, simply because each and every dish is genuinely packed with bags of flavor and stands out. Also, the food is super quality wise, its always steaming hot no matter which dish you look into.

Starters: (Chaat)

Speaking of Pakistani buffets, one may never start their meal skipping the chaat and I am basically referring to myself here because chaat works like an insight into how good the others meals would be.
So, I got the basic pani puri which was served with sweet and sour chatni. The sweet chutney was intense and lusciously thick while the sour one was diluted to perfection and their blend in the pani puri tasted absolutely amazing.

Paani puri

Salad selection:

There were numerous salads along with the famous Baingan ki burhani that’s actually spiced yoghurt where egg plants are cooked in tamarind chutney floating on top. This area included fresh hummus, beetroot salad with sesame seeds, coleslaw with sweet corn, Tabbouleh and freshly sliced cucumbers/lemon wedges.



I will start with the bbq items and then gradually walk you through the rest of main courses available. The bbq items that caught my attention first were the fried fish and fried prawns that looked so beautiful because of their color, they had a lovely golden coating and you won’t believe me when I tell you that they tasted even better than they looked.
The fish was marinated in just the right amount of spices, it was not tossed in extreme flavors which helps give you the usual flavor of fish along with the subtle spices. The prawns were super too.

Then I lifted the mutton and chicken reshmi kebab dish and the smoke that came out of there was aromatic and tempting. I had unlimited kebabs, so much that I didn’t even kept a count. They were tender, juicy and full of flavors.

Mutton seekh kebab

Then I jumped on the opportunity to gobble up some delicious beef haleem and mutton karhayi. Haleem was so amazing, usually in most buffets they over spice the haleem and it looses its original taste but here it was just perfect. Mutton Karhayi was state of the art. The blend of spices in it were spot on!

Haleem and mutton Karhayi

Coming from Karachi,Pakistan; one has awfully high standards of chicken biryani. It just breaks my heart when I order biryani and see coriander leaves or curry leaves on top of it. If you wanna know what a Pakistani biryani looks like, look no further but below.

The kabuli pulao was comforting and light. Perfectly seasoned.

Beef nihari and Butter chicken

A Pakistani buffet without nihari simply does not exist. We eat nihari for breakfast, lunch and dinner all year long. Their nihari was so amusing for the tastebuds and the meat was so tender that one can not resist.

Lahori soda

Obviously, you are going to need a tangy drink to settle all these spicy delicacies. I chose the lahori soda and I’m so glad I opted for this one (as recommended by our serving guy) it was exactly like a spicy candy I grew up having called “Churan Chatni”. Despite of its strong flavor, it also aids in digestion.


With respect to the occasion of Diwali, there were fresh mithai with my favorite moti chur laddoo and besan k laddoo.


Also, there were hot jalebi and gulab jamun (please excuse me while I drool a little)


If you’re thinking this is it, then nope! there are more desserts like shahi tukray, fruit custard, egg pudding, badami kheer (this one was my favorite) and jelly for kids.


We ended our meal with a cup of karak chai that blew us away with how lovely it tasted. Thank you so much for having us over Team Barbecue Delights, we loved every bit of our dining experience here and we promise to keep coming back for all of these extraordinary dishes.


To all my readers,
Barbecue Delights cater large events and parties, it is highly recommended to you from me.

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Unlimited BBQ Buffet only for 55 Aed at The Grand Barbecue


Grand Barbecue is in Jumeirah where all the famous Pakistani/Indian buffet restaurants are located. It has a lot of space inside to fit a large group of people especially for parties or celebrations. Their staff is well trained and quite friendly, they are on their toes to serve you with a warm smile on their faces.

Chaat Station:

Started off with the chaat station that had so many chaat varieties lined up. I chose to have pani puri and mixed dahi puri chaat. Absolutely loved the chaat, it was loaded with sweet yoghurt and sev puri. I adore the fact that they were so generous with the chutneys.

paani puri
pouring sweet chutney
Chaat station

Salad Corner:

I can totally survive on salads if they are as extravagant as they were here in this restaurant. A wide variety of vegetables in different dressings were available to enjoy!

Salad Station


License to Grill:

The best part of this buffet was that you don’t necessarily have to roam around and wait in long queues for the barbecue options because these guys place the grill on your table and refill it according to your liking.
The other great side is that they have so many options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians that includes paneer tikka, broccoli-zucchini-cauliflower grill, shrimps, fish, chicken and mushrooms.



The main courses were simply amazing because all the staple Pakistani/Indian dishes were available. From dum chicken biryani to palak paneer, they’ve got it all!

Six types of different chutneys were served on the table that go along with any of these dishes perfectly well. There was also a separate pasta station but my desi soul didn’t turn that way. There were all kinds and shapes of pasta that were made to order according to your liking.

Pasta station


After I successfully stuffed myself with every grain of delicious food available here, I headed straight towards the desserts section where I finally lost my heart because there was everything I dreamed of having. My favorite was Mishti Doi that’s actually a famous Bengali dessert and is a thick creamy textured sweet dish with subtle hints of sweet and sour.

 Kid’s favorites:

There were popcorns, french fries, papadum, chocolate fountain, icecream rolls and so much more for kids to enjoy as well.


Thank you for your wonderful service Team Grand Barbecue. I am definitely coming back with my entire family to enjoy all of this food.

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Roll up your sleeves for “Roti Rollers”

Eccentric interiors, bohemian ambiance is what comes to your mind when you step in Roti Rollers at La Mer. Something so pleasing about their staff, they have the most warmest smiles that will put a smile on your face before you begin the dining experience.


Now, I know that the title “Roti Rollers” might be deceiving when you check out the menu in detail because there are so many delicious treats to choose from and the best bit is that all dishes on the menu are made carefully, bearing in mind that healthy food should not be boring. And that’s exactly what they deliver.


Chaat Station:

No matter what you do, begin with their pani puri and mix papri chaat because if you missed on these then it would be considered as a cardinal sin. The chaat was really tasty packed with bags of flavors, the intense chutney (wide varieties) complimented the chaat so well.


There are variety of chutneys to go with the chaat and all of them are freshly prepared by this gentleman. The chaat station is a colorful vision that treats your eyes and soul. It is beautifully decorated with hints of masala and chaat condiments.


Yup! that’s right. It’s 11 kinds of chutney with the colorful papri.


For drinks, we were served a power packed punch called “Minty Lemonade” that was super tasty and combined mint and lemon with a perfect balance delivering a zesty oomph flavor.

Minty Lemonade

Mains: (Up all night, to get plucky & The Lamb-shank redemption)

I want to spare a moment just to mention here that the titles of dishes on the menu are literally awesome. I have mentioned my favorite two in the heading above and rest you should go and check out yourselves.


The vadaa paav was buttery and wholesome, the chutneys served with it were complimenting the entire dish pretty well.


These scotch eggs were cooked just the perfect way. For those of you who might confuse scotch eggs with another breed of bird laying eggs, I want to clarify that scotch eggs are just normal chicken eggs that are wrapped in crispy sausage and are kept gooey from the center while crispy on the outside.


So, if you are a hardcore desi like myself; you would know the importance and love for freshly prepared hot Jalebis. But if they are served with rabri? Dear Lord! I’m sold. P.s Not going to apologize for the drool worthy picture below:


Then came the showstopper dessert, Kulfi trio which was actually made from three flavors: Blue berry, mango and the malaayi. It was really amazing and the flavors fused together perfectly to entertain a kulfi-holic’s tastebuds.


Thank you so much for the wonderful dining experience Team Roti Rollers (La Mer). Your food made its way to my heart 🙂

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